Concentrated Wrinkle Refiller – Hi Model Face, 10 ml

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This cocktail in roll-on format is infallible to treat wrinkles deeply.

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Concentrated Wrinkle Refiller

Now let’s get into your wrinkles. This complete immersion corrects them from the inside thanks to Hyaluronic Acid combined with Musk Rose, Minerals, Vitamins, Elastin and Snake Venom extract. This cocktail in roll-on format is infallible to treat wrinkles deeply. You can apply up to 4 times a day if necessary over your make-up without worrying about spots. The muscle contractions that create wrinkles in the frown, crow’s feet, or lip corners will end and will give way to rejuvenated and firming skin.

Take a chance on Hyaluronic Acid!

The lack of water is one of the factors of premature ageing. If your skin is not capable of retaining it, everything else starts to fail. Hyaluronic Acid has demonstrated to be the best way to restore volume and freshness of the skin. This molecule, that can retain up to one thousand times its weight in water, is present in our skin. But its life time is of less than 24 hours and when you are exposed to the sun’s effect at any time of the year, its existence can be reduced to 40%. Thus, especially before and after the summer an extra dose of Hyaluronic Acid is mandatory.

Active ingredients:

  1. Ácido Hialurónico.
  2. Ácido Glicólico.
  3. Rosa Mosqueta.
  4. Vitaminas A, B, C, B1 y B2.
  5. Minerales.
  6. Colágeno y Elastina.
  7. Extracto de Tropidolaemus Wagleri.

How to use: Te recomendamos que te lo apliques como mínimo 2 veces al día (por la mañana y por la noche) sobre la piel limpia para que la piel absorba mejor el producto, aunque también puedes aplicártelo encima del maquillaje si quisieras. Simplemente, desliza el roll on ahí donde tengas las arrugas más profundas.

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